Friday, November 16, 2012

Leave me speechless

Look at all of this, all these people, that little kid just walking along next to his dad, I know this sounds cheesy, but just think about it.

What if everything we knew today, was gone tomorrow?
The silence between our two souls grew as loud as the rest of the noise in the building, people coming and going, passing by and then disappearing onto their own way.
He has a way with words, that leaves me speechless at times.

Oh my god.


*Gie gie


Nikki P said...

How philosophical... Thank you for commenting and following my blog. It's not really a book; it's a fiction blog. I explain it on this page:

This blog is very nice though, I'll drop by every now and then :)

Octane Rogertinson said...

Hmmm, you know I like the way you blog :) I really like the personality of your posts if that makes sense x) I can't wait to hear what you post next :)