Friday, November 16, 2012

Leave me speechless

Look at all of this, all these people, that little kid just walking along next to his dad, I know this sounds cheesy, but just think about it.

What if everything we knew today, was gone tomorrow?
The silence between our two souls grew as loud as the rest of the noise in the building, people coming and going, passing by and then disappearing onto their own way.
He has a way with words, that leaves me speechless at times.

Oh my god.


*Gie gie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life should [really] be more like the movies.

-Charlie And the Chocolate Factory
-Mean Girls

-Bride Wars
-The Help

-A Walk To Remember


-A Little Princess

*Gie gie

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life should be more like the movies.

-The Notebook
-The Little Rascals
-500 Days Of Summer
-Seventeen Again
*Gie gie

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm not a poet on Mondays.

I'm addicted to tea.
I'm addicted to Mr Lovie.
And he's addicted to me.
I didn't mean for that to rhyme, I'm not a poet on Mondays.
He'll be gone in January. Five months. Five, lonely, months.
But this is for us.
He'll be back, and we'll be alright.
I'll take care of him. He'll take care of me. We'll take care of ourselves.
After all, like he says, "we're the only last two."

So what am I supposed to say, when I'm not allowed to love.
Mama and Papi don't know.
 If they did, they would only try harder to keep Bear away from me.

Bear will be in college next year. I'm proud of him. Why aren't they?
*Gie gie

Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Gie gie, I love you."

How does our story start?
Well, it wasn't that magical, "Love at first sight", or that cute, "Boy meets girl" story.

(code names are always used throughout my blog, in order to not spread drama on the internet, I thought it was a good idea.)

 It was us, "Mr and Miss Lovie", our own story.
I was giving up on trying something that would never [ever] work, He had given up on the thought of Love being real, and we both would've never expected it.

I can remember that afternoon almost perfectly in my head,

"Gie gie, I love you."

"Awh, well I love you too, Bear. You're the best friend I could ever ask for, thanks for--"

"No! Gie gie, I mean, I really love you. I'm. In-love with you."


"This is crazy, you have a boyfriend, you're probably never gonna talk to me again and things will be weird between us, I'm so stupid. I'm sorry"

"Hey! You're not stupid, and I promise, things won't be different or weird, we'll just forget it, yeah? You're still my best friend, I'm not going to stop talking to you over something like this."


I was so silly to think that'd be the end of it, he was my best friend, only my best friend. And he was right, I was dating ThisB at the time. What could I do?

Forget about it? Just ignore it? Just a little crush, it wont go no where.

 *Gie gie

Speaking through photos.

 Gosh, you're lovely...

*Gie gie

Friday, November 9, 2012

What if?

But what am I gonna be, if I lose my life, lose you?
I do believe in love. I do, I do.
*Gie gie

I'm Miss Lovie.

Dear readers,
If I ever get any. That is.
I'm glad to BE here!
Not, "here" as in my dining room watching my sisters fight over -what is it?- water?
Not here as in, here on earth.
Here as in, on this blog my blog.
The sound of that.. Mmm! My blog. I have another, you see, but with parents, friends, family, and enemies stalking the shh out of it, I'd like this one to stay mine. And yours, reader.
I'm Miss Lovie.
Haha, ok fine, that isn't my real name.
But you can call me Gie gie.
Welcome to my book!
C'mon, take a took.
I'm that too.
 *Gie gie