Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Miss Lovie.

Dear readers,
If I ever get any. That is.
I'm glad to BE here!
Not, "here" as in my dining room watching my sisters fight over -what is it?- water?
Not here as in, here on earth.
Here as in, on this blog my blog.
The sound of that.. Mmm! My blog. I have another, you see, but with parents, friends, family, and enemies stalking the shh out of it, I'd like this one to stay mine. And yours, reader.
I'm Miss Lovie.
Haha, ok fine, that isn't my real name.
But you can call me Gie gie.
Welcome to my book!
C'mon, take a took.
I'm that too.
 *Gie gie

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