Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tea blog- Ride a ferris wheel.

I feel like tea is my little savior.
I can talk about anything over tea, it's like alcohol...
No, it's not, how would I know? aha..
I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm rambling.
Finally, in like whatever many months it's been, I've got another cross-out on "the list" last night. I've explained the list before, haven't I?
No, you haven't.
No, I haven't.
A list Bear and I started a while back, on stuff we'll do together before we fly into whatever you believe comes after death.

Ride a ferris wheel.
Since I'm mildly scared of heights, I don't know what the heck possessed me to want to ride the largest ferris wheel in Chicago first. But we did.
And on the top, with the cold air, and our cold fingers locked together, he kissed me. Like I'll never forget.

"Is that cherry?"

And it was, just, perfect.
Because everything is perfect when I'm with him.

*Gie gie


Guidance ✰ said...

Aww! That's so sweet and romantic!
Good for u ^^

Youngjoo Ahn said...

I'm so jealous ^^ that's definitely something on my list

Ines said...

Tea! Love love love
How sweet <3 but if that happened to me,id be very stressed to have time for a kiss ha.
follow back at my blog,

cmichellestyles said...

This is so sweet! I am terrified of farris wheels too! I commended you for even getting on! LOL

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Anonymous said...

this is great!

Anonymous said...

I luuuurve tea :D<3
That's soo sweet :)

Following yew :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and P.S Thank you for the awesometastic comment on my blog! It made my day ^^,

Libbie Doyle said...

Coffe does that for me :) I totally get it :)

Love your blog!